How long does it take?

Simply run yourself a warm bath, place your TanBomb erasing bath bomb in the water and jump in! let the Bath Bomb work its magic for at least 10 minutes...use a washer or TanBomb exfoliating glove to remove excess tan with COMPLETE ease!


Can it stain my bath tub or bikinis?

No, we have rigorously tested this production multiple bath's and multiple bikini fabrics and it does not stain, however there will be some left over fake tan residue on your bath because when you get out you will have absolutely no fake tan left on your body.. just silky smooth skin that lasts for days!


How long after applying fake tan can I use this product?

Striaght away! If you have just applied your fake tan and released youve made a mistake it will effectivley remove the fake tan, however for best results its best to use this product 3 days after tan application.


Is there any harsh chemicals?

NO! absoloutley not, TanBomb bath bomb's are completley Natural, Vegan friendly and Alcohol free.